Special Features

Here for a LIMITED TIME ONLY straight from the test kitchen!

AUGUST 11 & 12 SPECIAL FEATURE: @Blondeats Butter Tart Cookie!

What happens when you're one of our biggest fans? You GET YOUR OWN COOKIE! Yup, you read that right. Robin, one of our true OG's and the brain behind @Blondeats, has shown us so much love over the years so we had to show some love back! We know Robin stans our Twice Baked Cookies and Sammies like only a real OG can so we invited her into the test kitchen to create her own cookie and oh boy is it DELICIOUS.

The @Blondeats Butter Tart Cookie is cookie perfection! Our crunchy, chewy cookie base with our sticky and sweet butter tart filling in the centre. Finished with a pinch of Maldon Salt (IYKYK) to balance out the flavours.


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