We are now booking 2024 & 2025 weddings. If you would like to have Short & Sweet at your wedding, book your free consultation/ tasting and someone from our catering team will happily assist you!

What we offer: Wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies, sammies, cake slices, puddings, cake balls and brownies.

COMING SOON: On-Site Treat Creation Experiences!

Almost all your Short & Sweet favourites can be packaged individually making excellent takeaway gifts for your guests.

NOW BOOKING 2024 (spots for 2024 are limited) & 2025.


*Consultations/ tastings are 1 hour. We have limited space in the bakeshop so we ask that only 2 people attend the consultation. Please be on time for your appointment as we want to give you all the time you may need to answer all your questions and find the treats that suit your occasion and your needs perfectly! Catering orders over $400 (pre-tax) will have the consult fee credited towards the order.

  • Wedding Cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Sammies
  • Cookies
  • Cake Slices
  • Other Treats
Have something custom in mind? Perfect, we'll be happy to build the cake of your dreams! Book your consultation and tasting with one of our experienced cake artists and let us make the process as easy, fun and memorable as possible.

Finding yourself falling in love with one of the designs you see below? Great, let us know and we'll recreate it for you!

Flavour options for cake tasting (eg: cake flavour/ icing/ filling)
vanilla/ vanilla | chocolate/ vanilla | chocolate/ chocolate | red velvet/ cream cheese | vanilla/ vanilla/ dulce de leche | chocolate/ vanilla/ salted caramel | oreo/ oreo/ chocolate ganache | lemon/ vanilla raspberry/ lemon curd | carrot/ cream cheese | vanilla/ cookie dough/ caramel

Cupcakes are wedding perfection! On their own instead of a cake or in addition to one, you really can't go wrong. Cupcakes can be customized to look fun and colourful with sprinkles, icing colours, and fresh flowers or they can be a little more bridal or "wedding-y" with whites, pastels and neutral tones topped with sugar pearls, fresh flowers, edible monograms or images. The possibilities are endless!

We offer both classic and mini sizes depending on your needs and the design you have in mind. We also offer setup and delivery services!

Sammies are super popular wedding favours! They're also and fun alternative to a traditional cake or have them part of your late night snacks.

What are Sammies? Sammies are what we call cookie sandwiches: buttercream or cream cheese icing sandwiched between 2 cookies. Some flavours have an additional filling in the core like a toasted marshmallow fluff or caramel (examples).

Who doesn't absolutely love cookies?! Cookies and milk as part of your late night snacks or as a sweet gift to your guests so they remember how sweet and amazing your special day is!


Butter Tarts, Banana Pudding, Cheesecake Pudding, Cheesecake Bars and Brownies are among the "Other Treats" we offer. All of these items are personal sized and can be packaged to take away or enjoy on the spot!